Effect of Process Parameters on Properties of Nickel-based Tungsten Carbide Coating

2023-02-24 14:33:08

The process parameters of laser cladding are one of the important factors that determine the final quality of the coating. The parameters mainly include laser power, scanning speed, spot diameter, overlap ratio, cladding mode, defocus amount, etc.

The common high hardness of nickel-based tungsten carbide coating and the high melting point of WC particles lead to the problems of nickel-based tungsten carbide coating such as cracks, high dilution rate, uneven and continuous surface morphology. 

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Therefore, selecting scientific and reasonable process parameters for laser cladding has an important impact on the performance of nickel-based tungsten carbide coating.

The optimal process parameters of laser cladding Ni35-11% WC coating with coaxial powder feeding were studied by using the single factor control method with laser power, scanning speed and powder feeding as variables. The optimal laser process parameters were obtained as follows: laser power 1500W, powder feeding 2g/s, scanning speed 4mm/s, The order of the influence of the three process parameters on the comprehensive performance of the coating from the largest to the smallest is: powder feeding rate>scanning speed>laser power. Lei Jingfeng studied the process parameters of laser cladding Ni60-25% WC coating. The results show that different process parameters have different effects on different quality indexes of the coating, the scanning speed has the greatest impact on the width of the coating, and the powder feeding rate has the greatest impact on the height and dilution of the coating.

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