Function of Textured Chrome Plating Roller

2023-02-07 15:41:27

Roller surface texturing refers to the use of sand blasting, instantaneous high-energy pulse discharge and high

By means of pulsed laser beam irradiation and other means, uniform and controllable micro

The treatment method of small pits is to increase the friction coefficient of roll surface and improve strip steel

Slippery. At the same time, because the micro-pit on the roll surface can store gas, the gap between the strip steel and the roll surface

A layer of gas protective film is formed between the rollers to avoid the scratch on the strip steel. In addition,

The textured roll surface is more closely combined with the electroplating layer

It is not easy to fall off. The hardness of the roll surface reaches more than 900HV. It has strong wear resistance and greatly

The problems of strip steel slipping and easy wear of roll surface are improved.

polyurethane roller

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