Improvement of Comprehensive Properties of Nickel-based Tungsten Carbide Coating by Laser Cladding and Its Disadvantages

2023-02-24 14:13:11

Laser cladding can be used for cladding tungsten carbide or other metal powder at more complex roll shapes or irregular parts, which is more environmentally friendly and faster than traditional processes. Because laser remelting makes the tungsten carbide more close to the surface of the roller, when the tungsten carbide coating under laser high temperature contacts with the cold metal, the formed cladding layer is more delicate, which greatly reduces the probability of producing pores, pores or cracks. 

However, the process or operation of many manufacturers is unstable, which makes it difficult to control the surface hardness after cladding, resulting in great difficulty in subsequent processing. Therefore, when selecting the supplier of laser cladding, it is better to test the sample first.

Tungsten carbide coated roller

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