Characteristics of Nickel-based Tungsten Carbide Coating

2023-02-11 13:10:54

Tungsten carbide ceramic is an important reinforcing material. As a hard phase, it is widely used in wear-resistant coatings. Tungsten carbide ceramic has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high melting point (2600 ℃), and red hardness. Its hardness change is not obvious when working at 1000 ℃. The addition of tungsten carbide during laser cladding can increase the fluidity of the molten pool, fill the gap of the coating, and then increase the density of the coating.

But at high temperature, tungsten carbide is easy to oxidize and decompose to produce "decarburization" phenomenon. At the same time, due to its high hardness and high melting point, the adhesion when combined with the metal matrix is poor, and the phenomenon of sinking is easy to occur in the cladding layer. Therefore, tungsten carbide is generally not used as a separate material for laser cladding, but is mixed with Ni, Fe, Cr and other metals with good mutual wettability and high bonding degree.

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