• Chrome Plated Roller
  • Chrome Plated Roller
Chrome Plated Roller

1.Structure: The roller surface is chrome plated, and the roller structure supports customization

2.Processing size and precision:
the maximum outer diameter:2000mm
the maximum length:8000mm
the maximum processing precision :0.002mm

3.Application:Various film production lines, paper production lines, large printing equipment and laminating equipment are widely used in flexographic printing machines, water-based ink printing machines, laminating machines, coating machines, as well as embossing and matting of plastics, leather and paper.

Chrome Plated Roller

Product  Description: 

1. The advantage of chrome plated roller is high hardness. Compared with the actual production environment, the hardness after heat treatment is higher than that of alloy steel, as well as other metal steel pipes and round steels of the same grade. After other quenching processes, such as carburizing, nitriding, high-frequency, etc., it is slightly inferior. In actual measurement, the hardness of chrome plated roller is generally between 55-65 Rockwell.

2. High wear resistance and low friction coefficient. As the hardness of the steel roller body is greatly improved after chrome plating, the friction coefficient is relatively reduced with the increase of smoothness, so the service life of the chrome plated roller is increased.

3. The acid and alkali corrosion resistance is greatly enhanced, because the chromium layer of the chromium plated roller is very stable in different environments and is not easy to have chemical reaction, so it will not be corroded by some acid and alkali liquids and gases.

4. Once the chromium coating on the surface of the chromium plating roller is damaged, it can be plated again to reduce the use cost and can be reused.

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