• Mirror Surface Roller
  • Mirror Surface Roller
Mirror Surface Roller

1.Structure: various structure designs such as spiral flow channel and jacket type

2.Processing size and precision:
the maximum outer diameter:2000mm
the maximum length:8000mm
the maximum processing precision :0.002mm

3.Application: Printing and dyeing industry: calendering of pure cotton, polyester cotton, silk, chemical fiber, hemp, wool and their blends.
Leather industry: calendering of artificial leather, etc.
Plastic industry: PVC, ABA, PP, PT, PC and other plastics.
Papermaking industry: surface calendering of various papers.
Metallurgical industry: rolling and pressing of various non-ferrous metals

Mirror Surface Roller

Product Description:

The mirror surface roll is mainly used for calendering the surface of objects. The mirror surface roll can be used for calendering the surface of various plastics, leather, artificial leather, paper, decorative materials, non-ferrous metals and clothing materials, such as PVC, PE, PT, PC, etc. 

The surface of the mirror surface roll can be covered with a variety of hard metals as required, such as chromium plating, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc. The surface hardness of the mirror roll is improved, and the mirror roll surface can also obtain other chemical properties, such as acid resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. 

After the mirror roll body adopts the heating structure, it will bring more effects to the mirror roll, for example, it is easier to form a colorful metal film, and better calendering performance.

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